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【LaLiga】Valencia vs Real Sociedad

Valencia vs Real Sociedad

2022.02.06 9:00pm


Ranked League 11.
Last round in the cup 2-1 from the second division of Cadiz, ended the embarrassment of two consecutive victories.
Averaged 1.5 goals per game, and the offensive ability is fine.
But the average goal conceded is 1.63, which is one of the highest in the league.
In the last 5 matches,they have achieved 2 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw,
The team is slowly recoverin.

【Real Sociedad】

Ranked 6th in the league.
The last round was tragically sealed by Betis 4-0 in the cup, and the state declined.
1 goal per game, compared to similarly ranked Atletico Madrid (1.7 per game) or Barcelona (1.5 per game),
offensive is much weaker.
The average number of goals conceded is 1, and it is a team with better defense.
Away performance, 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw in the last 4 games.

【Comprehensive analysis】

The historical records of the two teams have ended in a draw in the last two times.
Valencia still have a chance to win the Champions League if they get the crucial 3 points.
Conversly, Real Sociedad under threat of falling attendance,
So both sides are fighting high spirits.
Judging from the data, there should not be too many goals in this game, and it is expected to be a small draw.
Recommended: under 2.5 @ 0.81

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