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10 tips for football betting - 4Dtoday
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10 tips for football betting

4Dtoday will teach you how to enjoy football today.

The analysis method of football will be divided into 10 tips to explain,

which will teach you some important points that are easily ignored when placing bets.

We hope that everyone who enjoys football betting can increase the chances of winning.



How to bet – 1 

Look at the rankings for the two teams this season

The rank of the team cannot reflect the performance of each player or whether it will win the next game,

but it at least represents the relative strength of the two teams this year,

so the ranking of the teams with a small gap can be ignored directly.


How to bet – 2

On the match between the two teams

In the history of engagement, you can see the two sides,

with different tactical styles,

and their mutual restraint. To put it simply,

it is the mutual restraint between the teams that is not visible on your player profile.


How to bet – 3

How does the home and away win rate compare?

This is a very important and often overlooked point.

In most cases, the home team has a higher winning rate,

and the average increase in winning percentage is between 10 and 30%.

This is also known as the home field advantage.


It is worth noting, however, that there are a select few teams whose away results do better than their home results.

One example is the Udinese team in Serie A.

His away win rate is 20% higher than that at home.


How to bet – 4

Injury list

In the NBA, whether the main lineup is absent or not will greatly affect the strength of the team.

As an example, if football stars such as Ronaldo, Baggio, Totti, and Vieri are absent, the team’s performance will be greatly affected.

If the main lineup is absent, whether the bench can recover the disadvantage.


How to bet – 5

Identify “active teams” and “negative teams”

In general, the favorite teams to win the championships,

the defending team, and newly promoted teams with unexpected results are considered active teams.

A strong team is not something that just disappears without a fight,

even if it encounters a strong team, it doesn’t just give up.


On the verge of relegation, economic distress, and division within a team are considered negative teams.

A negative team’s chances of winning depend on 4 key factors:

  1. Fighting hard is possible if there is a possibility of relegation (not being downgraded).
  2. Observe whether the economy has improved since joining the club.
  3. Whether to purchase or lease major players.
  4. If the coaching class has been adjusted.


How to bet – 6

The financial condition of the club is good or bad

The quality of the economy directly affects the stability of the players’ military spirit,

which is equivalent to indirectly affecting the outcome.

The buying and selling of certain key players by the club directly affects the outcome of the game,

as well as the stability and motivation of the players.


How to bet – 7

A simultaneous league

Football teams of all sizes combined, it is the most popular sport of all ball sports.
Therefore, while the teams are in the league, they also play in the Champions League, UEFA Cup or FA Cup.
As there are so many teams playing so many leagues at the same time,
there will also be some playing only one league,
which sometimes results in one team playing all the time and the other almost resting.

How to bet – 8

Support rate of home fans

Each city’s enthusiasm for its team is very different,
which is why those enthusiastic cities tend to have a higher home win rate.

How to bet – 9

Climate factors

Each city’s enthusiasm for its team is very different,
which is why those enthusiastic cities tend to have a higher home win rate.
Bad weather, such as fog, snow, rain, wind, etc, greatly restricts the tactics that can be used, and different tactics also add a lot of variables.
Next, given that teams located in frigid zones compete in tropical countries,
they will often have poor performance due to temperature differences,
or even a huge difference in diet due to the difference in temperatures,
which could cause unaccustomed soil and water.

How to bet – 10

A team’s psychology

Based on the team’s own situation, they may adopt certain strategies,
such as: in order to relegation, the team may have the pressure to win anyway,
and the team in the middle of the shift may not think about making progress.


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