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2022 Malaysia best 5 casino - 4Dtoday
4DtodayOnline CasinoTop Online Casino

2022 Malaysia best 5 casino

2020 affected by the epidemic

Many online casinos have also closed down one after another

But relatively many new platforms have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

This is actually very good for players

Yeah is the internet environment full of competition and love

In this way, you don’t have to feel wronged to compromise with websites that are not sincere

Engineers may only receive half of their salary, so the website is super casual

After a rigorous screening like America’s Next Top Model

We have carefully selected for you the best 5 online casino in Malaysia



9king‘s design is very simple

Put each subordinate platform on the homepage according to its type,

It is easy to search, and the screen will not be overly cluttered.

Except for resident activities such as “first deposit”, “restore”, and “high-value backwater”

There will also be discounts in various halls from time to time

There is currently 100% of the first deposit in sports betting, with bonuses up to RM300

Moreover, the demand for turnover is very low, which is considered to be very favorable among various platforms at present

It’s an event that has seen great discounts on all major platforms so far

Intimate record function

Allows you to check transaction records, bonus points, bets and other details at any time

You can easily see your long-term profitability at a glance, you don’t need to rely on feelings to grasp the numbers

There is 24hr customer service, so you can consult at any time if you have any questions.

And there is a mobile phone exclusive app, which makes all operations easier. This is a service not currently provided by other websites.

It’s a mature website in all aspects

Recommendation: 4.7★



88GASIA has clear website movement

full functioning and many types of games

The best thing is that you don’t need to register to see details

Language support Malay, Chinese, English

There are also many ways for customer service

The important information is also clearly marked

There’s a special event is to subscribe to the official telegram , you can receive a monthly bonus of MYR8

Recommendation: 4.6★



royal77 support Malay, English, Chinese three languages

Thoughtful day/night mode allows you to browse the website the way you are used to

royal77 offers variety of games, and there is also a free trial function

The classification is also very clear, making people clear at a glance

There are relatively few discounts, currently there is a 5% discount for daily deposits

*There is a 100% first deposit bonus for new players before 2022/1/31, but the turnover requirement is higher

Direct deposit via online deposit, local bank transfer or cash deposit/withdrawal

In the common QA, there is also a short video to teach you the operation

Customer service has done a good job, providing a variety of contact channels

Recommended: 4.5★



7slots‘s layout is smooth and easy to read

Adopt block design, clear classification

The function column on the right clearly indicates a variety of customer service channels. I think it’s very good.

Lots of activities ,but the comparison is not the type that gives big discounts

It’s more like the rewards for the first daily deposit, etc.

Or the jackpot of a specific slot machine

Support Chinese, English, Malay

Recommended: 4.5★



M777 is an online casino in Malaysia

There are a variety of game platforms under it

Such as playtech, Maxbet, Asia Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Jocker, etc.

So the types of games provided are very rich

The website’s movement planning is also done quite well

Can quickly find the function you want

But the banking system is relatively imperfect

Only provide local bank transfer payment

So it’s not very convenient for foreign players

Recommendation: 4.4★


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