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6 tricks to increase your 4D Toto winning rate in all directions! - 4Dtoday
4DtodayHow to PlayToto 4D tips

6 tricks to increase your 4D Toto winning rate in all directions!

Playing 4D Toto is more than just trying your luck and buying numbers randomly.

There are some traceable speculations among them,

Bring you closer to the jackpot.

As long as you learn more systematic betting method

It will definitely increase your chances of winning in the long run

Below are the 7 tips for betting on 4D Toto

We will analyze from different angles

Help you improve your chances of winning in all aspects

Let’s take a look!

1. Analyze the historical record of winning numbers

Looking back on the past 4D winning history is a key step for many players to choose the next lottery numbers

Players can use Toto winning query to see the past results to analyze and pay attention to whether their lucky numbers have won a prize

Each draw record can be used to predict the lucky number that may be won next time


2. Evenly match odd and even numbers

The chances of all odd or even numbers appearing in lottery lottery numbers are very small

Therefore, it is extremely important to allocate odd and even numbers reasonably when betting on numbers.

Do you know that in the winning numbers drawn in the past,

more than 80% of the numbers are a mix of even and odd

So before placing a bet, you can also check to see if your numbers are in balance


3. Buy 4D Toto online

4D Toto coupons are drawn three times a week

If it takes an hour or two to buy a lottery ticket

That will reduce your willingness to bet

So it’s best to choose your favorite online entertainment website to buy 4D color rolls

Will be much more convenient than going to the betting shop

4. Choose meaningful numbers

Meaningful numbers may be wedding anniversary, child’s birthday, license plate number, house number

Even the situation in the dream can be a source of inspiration

The relationship between dreams and 4D can refer to this article

These numbers with special meaning are often lucky numbers that are very suitable for betting.


5. Be patient

4D Toto is a game that needs to be explored slowly.

In addition to luck, it also needs time to analyze and familiarize yourself with some betting skills

So as long as you stay patient and don’t put too much weight on gains and losses, good luck will come to you sooner or later


6.Cultivate luck

I’m not talking about going to the temple and praying for good luck to come to you

Luck called “Yùnqì” in chinese

Qi refers to which is originally stored in the human body and radiates from the inside out

You can also think of it as a kind of energy

so what l talk about cultivate luck

is to make good use of the stored qi in your body at the right time

We know that all objects have energy

If the room is too cluttered , It will disperse your energy

Make your mind less able to concentrate

And we all know that God of Wealth doesn’t like the room where is hidden the dirt

So there are two important points at home: windows and doors

This place is where the air comes in

So be sure to keep it unblocked

Let good luck come in, and bad luck go out







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