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88GASIA online casino malaysia introduce

Web interface

OK, I really have to compliment his interface first

He is totally a fair and open website online casino

You don’t need to register first to see all the services he provides

Will not look like the avatar on the dating site

The photo is not the same person at all

Although in terms of art style, I prefer m777

But in terms of function, I think 88GASIA wins

Like i said before

There are so many online casino now

Some website I clicked in and didn’t show me any information

Just keep asking me to register

(Then it popped out of the message and turned into a super-interference one)

This really doesn’t work, nope

Talk about games of 88GASIA

The number of games is mid-to-high

Common platforms like playtech, JOCKER123, MEGA888 have

And you can see which games are available to play without logging in first

This is really great

Languages ​​& games

The website supports three languages: Malay, Chinese and English

Very friendly to foreign players

There are also many types of games

Such as sports betting (AFB sports betting, MAXBET), live casino

Electronic games (including online slot, fishing machine, etc.), poker

and 4D ,which is very popular recently


It seems that various small events will be launched from time to time

there is a special offer for December recently

Then the current first deposit discount is MYR50 for the first deposit and MYR28 for free

The minimum withdrawal amount is MYR188

And there are not too many platform restrictions

There is a special event is that you can get free MYR8 bonus every month

only to subscribe to the official telegram channel

(I feel that they attach great importance to interacting with players)

88GASIA also has its own youtube and instgram

It’s pretty diversified


Customer service

There is a whole row on the right side of the website where you can contact him

mail, whatsapp, telegram, etc.

There is also a customer service suspected to be waiting for you online at any time in the lower right corner

You reset the homepage and he will welcome you home

Get back to you faster than your siri


Deposit and withdrawal

Deposits can be transferred from ATM or online

Withdrawal need to use local bank transfer

The website also specially marked the time of the transaction

I feel they are more experienced in this area



All in all, I think 88GASIA‘s platform is really good

It just has a kind of self-confidence that “I put all the information there, go and see for yourself”

there is no unclear part

After all, when you are already here to play the game

but you still have to spend time figuring out how to enter the game, it will spoil your interest

They also have a mobile app

Support both ios and android users

Make your use more convenient and faster

Whether it’s stuck in the waiting time of trivia

Or suddenly want to play a game

you can enjoy your game without restriction

Comprehensive evaluation:4.6★

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