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Baccarat Tips- How to win money? - 4Dtoday
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Baccarat Tips- How to win money?

The advantage of baccarat Tips game is that there are 6 sets of cards ,312 cards in total

It’s not an electronic random card

Therefore, the difficulty of counting cards and calling bets is greatly reduced

Today I’m going to teach you a simple trick

Helping you increase your baccarat Tips winning rate

It’s a law called “Bofu”

What is Bofu’s Law?

This method was proposed by Liu Mingfa, the God of Baccarat in Taiwan

Liu Mingfa’s own story can be said to be very dramatic

He got a big win when he first entered the entertainment casino

But the god of destiny makes fools of the people

In less than a few years, he lost all of the tens of millions of funds he won.

He learned from pain for a whole year

Keep re-arranging and deducing all the betting cards

He finally found out that betting can’t rely solely on the luck of the floating department

But there is a specific method

After that, he spent 20 years inventing the “Bofu’s Law”

Invented the permutation and combination of large numbers to crack the N-th power of the Baccarat dealer 2

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Bofu’s Law

Let me start with the conclusion

Based on a shoe brand

Does not count psychological factors and other variables

Using computer to run statistics for 500 million times, the profit is about 47%

After deducting 0.5% of the dealer’s money, the real profit probability is only 46.5%

If you gamble in this way for a long time, you will definitely lose.

But humans are not machines, they will definitely set stop loss or profit points

And the inventor of Bofu’s Law just hopes that users have a profit point

Otherwise, the dealer may become the biggest winner!


Application of Beaufort’s Law

Play from the beginning of a single player or a single banker

when result is win, add one unit

when result is losse ,reduce one unit

and do not play in a tie.

For example, 1000 is a unit, and the start is player win

Then place the bet on player’s hand by one unit, which is 1000

→If it goes to player, bet two units for 2000

→If it goes to  banker, then one banker and one player now, don’t bet

In short, how many differences between the bank and the player, just invest the number of units

A difference of two bets 2 units

A difference of 10 bets 10 units, and so on

70 draws with one shoe

Lose up to 35 units, if you win, it’s a lot

The calculation formula is as follows:


*More is the side where the banker and player appear miltiple times, the less is the number of weak ones

the calculation result is a negative number for winning, and a positive number for losing

ex: 36 in a banker’s hand, 34 in player’s hand, so more is 36 ,less is 34

Apply the above formula to calculate


The result is that 33 is a positive number, which means you lose 33 units. If you start at 1000, you lose 33×1000 and you lose 33,000.

If a banker appears 45 and a player appears 25, the calculation result is negative 165

that means you win 165,000


Bofu’s Law is a bet method plus a simple mental method

Place a bet on the currently popular party

Double your bet when you win

Wait and see when you lose

To adjust the pace and mindset

But in fact, there is no absolute victory methods in the world

Constantly explore and adjust according to your own situation

Reasonable playing is the most important

I hope this little trick can help everyone on the road to winning🥰





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