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Crack Baccarat online! Make money easier (part1) - 4Dtoday

Crack Baccarat online! Make money easier (part1)

“How to win money in baccarat online?”

It’s always been a popular search keyword on the net

People desire to know the answer

There are a lot of baccarat tips and sayings on internet

But do you feel it is so complicated and there are many specious ideas

Some casinos even use wrong concepts to induce novice bets

If you are also  encounter a trouble while playing baccarat

Then this artickle may help you


Baccarat online Secrets

First thing you must know is that most of the people who play online are amateur gamblers

And baccarat system providers are not afraid of them to read those teaching articles

Because as long as the probability is adjusted, there will naturally be a way to break the road

So you have to know first  is what kind of factors will lead to this result


key reason

After testing

we found that due to the different draw rules

the easiest way to change the odds is the card “4”

If there are more card “4”, the easier banker win, the less card “4”, the easier player win

So as long as you control the number of this card, you can greatly affect the result

In most cases, the card “4” will be placed more

Because for most players

Except that it’s a relatively middle number, it won’t be found when it’s placed in a deck comparison

There is another important factor

That is most players like to bet on the player when they play baccarat!

Psychologically, the player’s instinct is to play against the casino(banker)

What’s more, you don’t have to be drawn 5% when you bet on the player’s victory



When you see here, you will definitely want to say

then i just bet on the banker everytime in the future?

Yeah that’s what I thought at first

But if baccarat is that simple then I probably don’t have to type this post hahaha

In fact, a deck that hasn’t changed baccarat odds

It takes about 16,000 decks of cards to be drawn before the banker-to-player ratio will come to their original set odds

And it takes many days to play so many cards, and it is impossible to play that many games.

Even if you increase the chance of changing No. 4

A deck of boot cards (8 decks) can produce 68 valid results (4-6 groups are subtracted from the cut cards)

The average dealer can only win 0.2~0.4 more times in a deck

This kind of change is very small, so you don’t feel it when you press it every time

It’s not that the added card has to be a 4, but the 4 most affects the outcome

If the deck adds or subtracts other numbers, the chance of changing the odds will be smaller

So we target the parts that are easiest to see



When the winning rate of a table of baccarat is player > banker, and the same situation is about 12 times

Based on card counting experience

The chance of opening banker next is 2 times than the player

That is, after this situation

You can bet on the banker, and you can win 2 hands for every 3 hands on average.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get overwhelmed, because when the number is greater than 14

The chance of the banker winning is more than 3 times that of the player winning

That is, when you lose two hands in a row, you have a 73% chance of winning

And this is still the lowest winning rate in baccarat cracking skills










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