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Crack Baccarat gambling! Make money easier (part2) - 4Dtoday

Crack Baccarat gambling! Make money easier (part2)

Following on from the last episode where we talked about changing the result due to chance

Today we are going to provide you with more possible situations at the poker table for your reference

If you haven’t watched the last episode, you can click this to watch it first.


*tip 2

Baccarat gambling has a low chance of long-term play,

so be brave to break the dragon when you see player win 6 times, bet on banker

6 times is actually a relatively conservative approach

If you have enough silver bullets in your account, even 5 times can start to break.

because according to statistics

The chance of a player winning 6-8 times consistently is less than 4%

In other words in this case

If you break 100 times, you will succeed 96 times


*tip 3

When there is a continuous double jump at the card table ( ppbbppbb )

(b=banker  p=player)

When this condition persists more than 6 times

The probability that the player will become banker will increase with the number of double jumps.

That is, the 6th banker has a 75% chance of winning.

Even if it fails, the probability of the next bet will be as high as 80%

The combined success rate of the two is 95%

That is, according to this data

For every 100 times you press, you will succeed 95 times

If the 7th double jump is a double idle, then you wait 8 times before you start

At this point, the compound success rate is close to 99%

Because of this, the chances of making money playing baccarat gambling are very high

Our suggest

When you learn these three cracking skills

You still have to find a chance to actually practice it

And calmly judge what the situation is now

Baccarat of real casinos are still a little bit different from baccarat of  online casinos

The actual gaming table must be wagered every game

Therefore, some old players will place the lowest bet on both the banker and the player

Allow themself to keep the right to stay at the table

However, even if you don’t bet twice in a row at online baccarat, you won’t be kicked out.

To put it simply, the advantages of baccarat online casinos are much more than that real casinos


The interval between rounds of online baccarat is about one minute

So you have at least two minutes to think

The three tips mentioned in the article are relatively easy to learn and judge

Because the card counting is too complicated, you may not have the chance to actually use it

One is that you may not remember how it works

Second, there is not enough time to think

Therefore, the above three methods are relatively simple and effective


Choice of platform

Are you also gearing up, want to test the new skills you’ve learned?

Don’t be hurry, we still have to remind you

Choosing a reliable, proven platform to play on is the most important thing

Otherwise, no matter how much money you win, in case the platform fails to pay for various reasons

Then all your hard work will be in vain

Regarding the choice of entertainment city, you may want to read this ↓

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