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What to do after 0-2 defeated by Manchester City Champions League winners? - 4Dtoday
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What to do after 0-2 defeated by Manchester City Champions League winners?

Should Solskjaer stay at Manchester United?
This is the answer that many people want to know
After losing to their neighbor Manchester City at home
More and more people think it’s time for him to leave
Ferdinand, as a former Manchester United player who has long supported Solskjaer
He expressed this opinion a few days ago:
“It’s time to hand over the baton to others. He did what he should do and once again gave the fans hope,
but can he lead us to win the Champions League winners? I don’t think so.”

From the data point of view, during Solskjaer’s coaching
There are currently 108 games in total, averaging 1.82 points per game
Currently ranked third, it doesn’t seem to be too bad
Compared to No. 1 Ferguson (average 2.16 points per game) and No. 2 Mourinho (average 1.89 points per game)
But in fact, Solskjaer can be said to have got a lot of resources
After he took office, Manchester United spent 312.1 million pounds on buying players
Including Cristiano Ronaldo, Sancho, Varane, and Maguire all purchased during his tenure
Arsenal ranked second in this data, with a net investment of 279.7 million pounds
But the top ranked Liverpool were profitable during this period, they made 3.6 million pounds in profit.

This data is a bit interesting Champions League winners
You can find that Manchester United almost gave Solskjaer all the resources to build what he called a golden combination
But Solskjaer seems to have not found the correct instructions for these people.
Judging from the recent games, he has always wanted to play a formation of 3 central defenders.
But their strategy is too simple
It is by B.Fernandes attacking in the midfield
Then try to see if he can connect with Ronaldo
Basically, Fernandes is a model for “Abler people do more work”
All the ways Manchester United opens offensive routes and shifts rely on him
Once the way the ball is given to Ronaldo is broken, there is no way to make a second attack.
The match against Manchester City was quite miserable, control is completely in the hands of City
Not that City’s tactics are relatively unsolvable
It’s that Manchester United’s attack mode is too monotonous

This 3 center-back formation only played 3 games
Varane and Luke Shaw are already injured
Next is the national team game day, some players can get rest,
Solskjaer has to take advantage of this time to decide many things
If you play 3 central defenders, then he must come up with a tactical strategy for 3 central defenders and 2 full defenders.
Especially the problem of revitalizing side roads
If you really want to increase offensive change or ball control
Maybe think about how to use the two players Sancho and Van de Beek is the best solution

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