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As the world’s first and largest 4 Digits (4D) lottery provider, Grand Dragon Lottery is more commonly known as GD Lotto 4D. With our commitment to be a leading lottery provider in Asia, GD Lotto 4d offers Cambodians a secure and transparent live lottery game! As a company, our purpose is to change lives, and help everyone reach their dreams. As a company, we believe in providing our players with a fun and exciting gaming experience, while maintaining a high standard of ethical behavior.

In GD Lotto 4D, we are dedicated to offering our Asian players the best live 4D lottery product. Our results are generated live and transparently from our main casino lobby to ensure that we are always upholding our gaming responsibility, and anyone who visits our casino resort can see the results live by turning on their smartphone.

In order to meet the ever increasing demand of entertainment and change their lives, GD Lotto 4d is exploring every possible way to modernize the convention lottery industry in a more innovative and creative way!


Jackpot Bonuses are only applicable to our 4D BIG and 4D SMALL products.
USD1/RM4/THB30/IDR14,000 must be the minimum per 4D number,
it’s not including the combination of USD1/RM4/THB30/IDR14,000 for both SMALL and BIG 4D.
In the case that a user purchased 1234 with RM2 SMALL and RM2 BIG,
this combination is not eligible for one unit of Bonus Jackpot value (since there is only RM2 in 4D).
For every USD1 bet for each individual 4D number, you will earn 1 unit share of the Bonus.
If you bet more than USD1.98, you will earn 2 units of share.


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