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GD lotto live

What is GD lotto live?

GD lotto = Grand Dragon Lottery

Four-Digits (abbreviated 4D) is a popular lottery game in many Asian countries.

At the end of the game, players can choose any 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999,

and we will have a total of 23 sets of 4-digit numbers.


If any of your selected numbers matches any of the 23 winning numbers drawn in each draw, you win a prize.

There is a daily lottery that starts at 6pm Cambodia time (GMT +7) every day.

Below is the segmentation of all 23 sets of 4-digit numbers into five different types of prizes:

For a more exciting experience, players can choose to take part in BOTH the BIG FORECAST or the SMALL FORECAST.


What are the rules?

  1. You can also let our computer randomly select a 4D gd lotto live number for you.
  2. Make your choice between playing the Big Forecast or Small Forecast..
  3. Bet the appropriate amount for each forecast.

    You should play Straight Bet if you have a favorite 4D gd lotto live Number that’s special to you.

          If you want to play both Forecasts, choose the bet amount for each forecast after selecting your favourite 4D gd lotto live Numbers.


    By playing iBox Bet or Permutation Bet on a 4D Number,

    you cover all possible permutations of the 4D Number you selected.

    Based on the number of unique digits in a 4D Number,

    the table below shows the number of possible permutations for a given 4D Number.


    The first digit of your 4D Number can be rolled to create ten different 4D Numbers that are only different by the first digit.

    You can also generate ten different 4D Numbers by rolling the fourth digit of your 4D Number.

      Roll Bets require a minimum investment of RM10, as they are equivalent to 10 individual bets.  


    To play on our Lucky Pick bet, if you don’t have any personal favourite numbers,

    our system will generate 4D Numbers for you randomly. Who knows?
    You might hit the jackpot! You can see an example of a Lucky Pick Bet ticket below.
    You can try the following methods to cover more 4D Numbers when playing the 4D game,
    whether you are playing the Big Forecast or Small Forecast.


How to Win?

As a way to make our game more exciting,

we offer two types of 4D forecast methods when you play our 4D game.

You can choose between playing the Big Forecast (BIG) or the Small Forecast (SMALL).


How Much to Win?

The following 4D games packages are available:

We have four betting packages under the 4D game,

and they are categorized as BIG, SMALL, and 3D:

  • BIG Package
    Each category has a different prize rate for matching the winning 4D number
    with all 23 winning results in the BIG Package.
  • SMALL Package
    Only the first, second,
    and third prize numbers will match with the winning 4D number in the SMALL Package.
    Of course, the winning prize rate will be higher than BIG Package.
  • 3D Package
    Three digits from the 3D Package will match the first four digits from the 4D Package.

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