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Perdana 4D Lottery Results Today

Perdana 4D Lottery Results Today

Perdana 4D (Perdana Lottery) exists to provide safe games that allow Malaysians and Cambodians to play and win. At the same time, they have been donating a lot of money to the Cambodian community.
Thanks to Perdana Lottery result players, each year more than 3,000 organizations and projects receive significant funding to help create good things in the community.
Through the Cambodian Lottery Grant Board, lottery funding is used to support Cambodian Sports, Creative Cambodia and the Cambodian Film Commission as well as thousands of community projects each year.
You can quickly check out the latest Perdana 4D Lottery result (keputusan Perdana 4D) from 4DPick.

Perdana 4D Lottery Prize Structure

  • Kategori Hadiah
  • Setiap RM1 pada 4D (BIG)
  • Setiap RM1 pada 4D (SMALL)
  • Setiap RM1 pada 4D A (4A)
  • Setiap RM1 pada 3D (ABC)
  • Setiap RM1 pada 3D (A)
  • Hadiah Pertama
  • RM2,875

  • RM4,025

  • RM7,000

  • RM250

  • RM750
  • Hadiah Kedua
  • RM1,150

  • RM2,300

  • Value
  • RM250

  • Value
  • Hadiah Ketiga
  • RM575

  • RM1,150

  • Value
  • RM250

  • Value
  • Starter
  • RM230
  • Value
  • Value
  • Value
  • Value
  • Hadiah Saguhati
  • RM69

  • Value
  • Value
  • Value
  • Value
  • Penjelesan
  • Pakej BIG akan memadankan nombor 4D yang menang dengan kesemua 23 keputusan kemenangan, kadar Hadiah untuk setiap kategori adalah berbeza.

  • Pakej SMALL hanya akan memadankan nombor 4D yang menang dengan nombor Hadiah tempat 1, 2 dan 3. Sudah tentu, kadar hadiah yang dimenangi akan lebih tinggi daripada Pakej BIG.

  • Pakej 4D A atau 4A akan memadankan semua 4 digit Hadiah Pertama sahaja.

  • Pakej 3D ABC akan memadankan 3 digit terakhir dengan nombor hadiah 4D tempat 1, 2 dan 3.

  • Pakej 3D A akan memadankan 3 digit terakhir dengan nombor hadiah 4D tempat pertama.

More About Perdana 4D Lottery

Cambodia has a specific perdana lottery format and tradition that determines which games are the most popular and favored.
Perdana Lottery is one of these games. Perdana 4D lottery, as the name suggests, encompasses one of the most popular game formats in this part of the world. This is a four -digit lottery that gives players a lot of flexibility and a chance to win prizes depending on the particular bet they choose.
The organizations behind Perdana 4D are legal and registered by their respective authorities in Cambodia. Not only that, Perdana Lottery also provides funding for various important initiatives and purposes throughout Cambodia and Malaysia.
Perdana 4D Malaysia provides money for thousands of community projects conducted each year. In other words, every expense you spend to buy tickets will help improve living conditions in the community.
So, what does it take to play Perdana 4D lottery? We’re glad you asked. Mastering the game is pretty easy, especially if you have experience with four digit lotteries just like GD Lotto.

Perdana 4D Lottery Rules

To play the Perdana Lottery, you need to choose a four digit number in the range of 0000 to 9999. You can repeat some or all of the digits – it’s up to you to figure out what strategy will give you the best result.
Perdana also has a 3D rated game if 4D opportunities aren’t right for you. The rules are pretty much the same, but in this case, you must choose a three digit number in the range between 000 and 999.
Perdana 4D draw takes place every day of the week. Perdana 4D live drawings are posted online, and you can see the lucky numbers selected either on the lottery’s official website or their YouTube channel. Luckily, you can also bookmark this page because everyday we will be publishing Perdana 4D live results (result perdana 4d hari ini) on time.
Just like other lotteries in Cambodia and other parts of Asia, Perdana 4D gives you the opportunity to determine exactly how much you will spend to acquire tickets. When determining the amount, keep in mind the principle of responsible play.
Set the amount you feel comfortable allocating to the game. While spending a large amount increases your chances of getting an incredible gift, there is also the risk of losing it all.
According to the official website of the Perdana Lottery, players have the opportunity to earn their tickets offline and online through a dedicated platform.
There are no additional specifications for playing, what is the minimum bet amount, and whether the game provides more specialized betting opportunities. If you are in Cambodia right now, however, you can contact the entity behind this game of luck to determine all the important aspects of the play.

Perdana 4D Prizes and Payments

Because the possibilities aren’t as astronomical as those associated with some of the world’s largest lotteries, Perdana 4D payouts aren’t that big. However, depending on the bet, players can win a pretty good amount.

Perdana 4D offers two betting opportunities – big bets and small bets.Big bets come with more prize levels. As a result, individual rewards are lower. Small bets contain only the first, second, and third prizes. Because players have fewer chances of winning, individual payouts are greater.
To find out if you won something, you need to get the latest Perdana Lottery results (result perdana 4d hari ini). If your number matches one of the numbers taken for a particular prize level, you will win that amount.

Latest Perdana Lottery Results – Result Perdana 4D Hari Ini

The chances of seeing the Perdana Lottery results for today are few.
One of the easiest opportunities is to see the numbers projected live. You can do so through the official Perdana Lottery website. The video will also be uploaded to the company’s official YouTube site.
As far as social media, you can also see Perdana 4D results every day on Facebook.
The official website of the Perdana Lottery also contains an extensive archive of results. You’ll also see past footage if you’re interested in checking out exactly how the winning numbers are selected on a particular day of the week.
4DPick is another reliable source of information on everything related to international lotteries, including the results.
We publish the results of today’s Perdana 4D (keputusan perdana 4d hari ini), as soon as the pictures are made. Feel free to turn to the Results section of this survey to get the latest information on the game. 4DPick also has an archive of results that you can rely on to better understand the game and can even improve your game strategy in the future.

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