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How and why to watch corner kick? - 4Dtoday
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How and why to watch corner kick?

The annual World Cup is coming

With the start of the qualifiers, I believe many people are gearing up

Prepare to earn some red envelopes together before the Chinese New Year

In fact, in addition to the big and small balls and handicap, there is also a game called corner kick

Betting on corner kicks has become increasingly popular in recent years

In addition to the opportunity for bettors to profit from small details that bookmakers fail to notice

It is also a good secondary indicator to help you decide how to bet

And in many ways, corner kicks are actually the least controlled by the dealer.

Because the accidental factor is very large

Accidentally touching a player or the referee may result in a corner kick


Why bet on corner kicks?

Football is a low scoring sport

It is also possible that the entire half is not scored.

Therefore, it is easy to have a tie or an upset reversal.

Underdogs may narrowly win 1-0, may hold the tie at 0-0

But the number of corners for each team tends to be more in line with pre-match expectations

Can more accurately reflect the current situation of the team


How to bet on corner kicks?

1️⃣Full Time Over/Under 

You can choose to bet that the corners of the match will be over or under the expected total

Like this game – Colombia vs Peru

8.5 on the handicap

Over 8.5 corners (9 or more): 1.02

Under 8.5 corners (under 8): 0.8

Means you can predict more than 9 corner kicks in the game, the odds are 1.02

Or under 8 , odds are 0.8


2️⃣Full Time Handicap 

It is inevitable that the strong team will meet the weak team in the game.

In order to avoid the situation of adults hitting children, eliminate subjective prejudice

The bookmaker will give the weaker team a handicap advantage (represented by a + sign)

The strong team is the handicap disadvantage (indicated by a – sign)

Like this game, the bookmaker thinks Colombia is a stronger team

Therefore, the data of the handicap of 2 goals

Colombia – 2 corner : 0.91

Peru +2 corner : 0.93

If you bet on Colombia

Then he has to take 3 more corners than Peru to win (0.91 odds)

If you bet on Peru, you will win with less than two goals from the opponent (odds 0.93)


3️⃣Full Time 1X2

This one is very simple, it is a bet on which team will take more corners in the game


Corner Betting Analysis

If you know how to bet on corners

Then the next thing to do is to calculate which teams will get more corners

Shots are clearly the main factor in generating corners

The number of shots on goal is an indicator of an attacking team

Most times , the ball is kicked wide or a corner kick is created due to a save
















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