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How are the odds calculated?

Sport bets has developed many different ways of playing in various regions

Among them, odds are definitely the most concerned topic for players

Do you know how the odds are odds calculated?

And what the lottery company didn’t tell you

Today I will take you to understand the birth of handicap and odds


1.What is Handicap?

The handicap is the reference object opened by the lottery company to experience the gap between the two sides of the game.

It can be said that the performance of the gap between the strength of the two sides

Usually there are many professionals in the bookmaker (gaming company)

Such as luck analysts, risk control managers, etc.

They will be determined based on the past match data of both teams

The more common ones are the standard handicap (unique handicap), handicap, first half handicap, and single-quarter handicap.


2.How are the odds calculated?

Basically, it can be explained by a simple formula

But not all companies use this formula to calculate



A is the base for calculating percentage probability, 100

B refers to the probability that the lottery company analyzes that it will win

C is the result of A÷B

D is the last calculated odds

Suppose today the lottery company analyzes that the Lakers’ winning rate is 40%



So the final odds will be 2.25


3.The importance of odds changes?

1.Average odds

Odds and adjustment factors for each company will be set according to the preferences of bettors

Although most of the final results will be in line with most people’s views

But this may not represent the real thoughts of Company


2.Odds trend

After the initial odds are drawn, they will usually be adjusted and changed later

Like being affected by some unpredictable changes

For example, player injuries, club dynamics, etc. (player trading, coach change)

Of course, there are also have odds that mislead the player to affect the player’s betting direction


3.Statistical data

Players can choose the odds of one or two lottery companies for long-term statistics

Compare the odds this time with the same odds that have appeared before

Find out the relative regularity of the odds and compare it with the final result of the game

This can also be used as a reference


4.Dispersion of odds

If in a game, the odds of each bookmaker on a certain result are similar, the difference is very small

You can know that this result is more cautiously opened

On the contrary, if the dispersion is too large

If the odds are opened high or low, it is very occasionally to induce buyers to bet,

you need to be careful about it.


5.Identify accurate odds

It may be due to the source of the news, or the difference in familiarity with the game.

As a result, the odds offered by each company are different,

but the differences are normally not too different

If the odds of a certain room are significantly different from those of others

That means this company has a more accurate judgment on this game

Usually experienced players will refer to the odds of various and even European lottery companies,

and find the difference

And see which company is optimistic about which team

Each company usually has relatively familiar countries and leagues

For example, Company A may be good at the Premier League, while Company B is more familiar with La Liga

Through own collection and verification to find the most accurate odds.







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