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How to get rich overnight in baccarat? The cruel truth you should know - 4Dtoday

How to get rich overnight in baccarat? The cruel truth you should know

We often say that there are three major illusions in life,

the phone vibrates, I can kill, and she likes me.

And in the world of gaming baccarat,

some players think that they can change their lives by gambling.

Because gambling baccarat is the fastpass from poverty to wealth.

And for most Asian players ,they really believe and rely on luck.

So they will follow some weird claims and think they are smart.


But in many cases those are the culprits that reduce the chances of winning

One of the following is a very common betting methods,

wich is called Martingale Strategy.


Martingale Strategy

This is definitely the best representative of trying to be smart.

Assuming that the amount of money earned is the same, the odds are 1:1.

Double your bet as long as you lose money,

when making money, the bet returns to one unit and starts again.

for example:

Lose 1 unit this time, add 2 units next time.

If you win at this time, you will earn 1 unit back.

If you lose, add 1 time to 4 units (accumulated loss of 3 units)

If you win, you will also earn a unit.

If you lose, add 2 times to 8 units (accumulated loss of 7 units)

So on and so forth.

This method thinks that in a fair game,

the probability of winning or losing each game is 50%.

The more consecutive losses, the lower the probability

The chance of losing three games in a row is 12.5%

The chance of losing five games in a row is 3.125%

So if the bet is enough, you are guaranteed to make money.

But of course the casino is not a fool,

all gaming tables will have minimum and maximum betting limits.

When the upper limit of the bet is reached, you can’t rely on this method to make a overturn,

casinos can also use this to control risks.

And this method also has a fatal disadvantages,

when a very small probability occurs, the overall risk becomes very high

For example, if you lose 10 games in a row, you have to use 1024 times your original profit as your bet for the next game.

Suppose you bet 1000 dollars at the beginning

Unfortunately, if you lose 10 times in a row, you have to spend 1 million to bet if you want to win.

This method will fail when the overweight is halfway through.


Talk about the other method,

It’s exactly the opposite of the previous one, called Anti-Martingale

Decrease your bet when you lose, and increase your bet when you make a profit

For example, take 10% of the total amount to trade everytime

ex: There is 1000 dollar at the beginning, so 10% is 100 dollars to bet

If 100 is lost, there is 900 left.

Next time you bet 90

If 90 is lost, 810 is left

Take 81 to trade, and so on

If the loss is greater, the amount invested is smaller

His biggest advantage is that he can control his losses within a certain range

If you want to last longer, lower the percentage

(Actually 10% is too high , should be set at 5% or lower)

It’s the same if it’s making money.

If you start with 100 dollars, bet 10 and earn 10.

The next time the amount paid out is 10% of 110, which is 11 dollars

If you make a profit, the amount invested will be higher and higher.


Anti-Martingale is not infallible

But compared with Martingale, it has a lot more room for fault tolerance

For investors, big losses are very unfavorable.

When you operate a strategy for a long time,

If expectations are on your side, as long as the time is long enough, they will definitely be profitable.

Because the middle process is not a straight line,

If the funds cannot afford the huge ups and downs,you will lose before the match.

Because 50% of the loss, if you want to make it back, you have to make a profit of 100%

And the Martingale will keep the funds at risk,

Anti-Martingale will control the loss limit.
















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