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How to play 4D perdana lottery?

JUST ONE LUCKY NUMBER to complete your dream!
The rules are straightforward and simple
So it’s very popular with players

▲ 4D perdana Lottery
It is a set of four random numbers drawn from the numbers 0000~9999
If you match the numbers, you will win the prize!
23 4-digit winning numbers will be drawn in each issue
According to the rules, it is divided into big and small one

4D perdana Lottery BIG

Divided into five bonus groups.
First prize, second prize, third prize and 10 special prizes, 10 consolation prizes
The minimum bet is RM1

Just match one of the numbers of them
There are more chances to win

4D perdana Lottery SMALL

Only 3 awards.
First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize

The minimum bet is also RM1
But there are fewer prizes, so the chance of winning is lower

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