How to play Baccarat 99th?

“Bet on player when you enter the door, and you will be safe and risk-free.”

This is the humorous line that appeared in the movie
Baccarat 99th is arguably the most popular poker game
There is no other reason, because the rules are simple and easy
One person dealt two cards and draw one cards
Calculate the size of the points to win or lose
But as the saying goes, the devil is hidden in the details
So let’s talk about his rules and tips


Table role

There is actually no strict limit on the number of bets
Except that the casino will provide seats
Those standing beside can also participate in betting freely
It is a game that is easy to participate in in the casino
The table is divided into banker and player
What’s more special is that the dealer of baccarat 99th is not necessarily held by the croupier
Gamblers sitting at the table, among which the biggest bet
You can appoint any person who has a seat for betting or the croupier will reveal the hole cards
(Specify in advance at the gaming table)
Compared to simple betting
The gambler in charge of the draw has a higher sense of actual participation
So not every gambler is willing to go to the table


Dealing and outsourcing

Generally use 8 decks of cards, all of which are placed in the distribution box after shuffling
The dealer and the player will receive two cards in each round
The first and the third will be sent to the players
2 and 4 are sent to the dealer
Both parties can make up to one more card
But whether the card can be replaced will be in accordance with the licensing regulations
This is why the dealer can be arbitrarily designated


Points calculation

The card face A is counted as 1 point, and the card face 10, J, Q, K is counted as 0 points (some casinos consider it as 10 points)
Add the points of the first two cards and take the single digit as the point
ex: A 9 and a 6 total 15, and the single digit is 5 points
If it is a 4 and 3, it is 7 o’clock
If it adds up to a multiple of 10 (for example, a 10 and a Q), it is 0 points, also known as baccarat 99th


Total points of two cards






0 Draw Draw
1 Draw Draw
2 Draw Draw
3 Draw If the player gets the third card (not the three cards added up, the same below) is 8 points,

there is no need to draw

4 Draw If the player gets the third card with 0,1,8,9 points, there is no need to draw.
5 Draw If the player gets the third card with 0,1,2,3,8,9 points, there is no need to draw.
6 Draw If the player needs to draw(the player is 1 to 5 points)and get the third card with 6,7 points,draw one card
7 Stand Stand
8 Natural,Stand Natural,Stand
9 Natural,Stand Natural,Stand

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