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How to play sports bet? (football) - 4Dtoday
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How to play sports bet? (football)

The best part of sports bet is to you can enjoy the game and earn bonus at the same time.

And because you sports bet,

so any happens in the game will become particularly thrilling.

The game becomes 10 times exciting,

changing you from normal seat to rock zone.

And another advantage of sports bet is that you can use some pre-match analysis,

to develop a betting strategy and increase your winning percentage.

So I will give you some little tips,

to help everyone become a little betting genius in the game. ⚽👑

Let’s see it together!


1.Understand the basic rules

No matter what kind of game you play or what kind of game you watch,

Knowing the rules must be the most basic principle.

You don’t want to participate without preparation,

that’s the same as throwing money into the ditch.

Why not give me (?


2.Master the pre-match information

General football websites will have a data analysis,

like the previous match between the two teams, the players’ injuries, the home and away win rates, etc.

There will be their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as the probability of the match result.

Like some teams may be strong at home,

but always “unlucky” when they visit others’ place

In short, these details can be provided for your reference


3.Understand the odds

Suppose the odds of team A is 3.41 and the odds of team B is 2.37

The probability of winning is calculated by dividing 1 by the odds

So the remaining rate of team a is 1/3.19=0.313, team b is 1/2.37=0.421

Simply put, the team with the lower odds has a higher chance of winning


4.Calculate the profitability of the platform (unique win)

The platform here refers to the bookmaker

Platform profit margin = (1/home odds) + (1/away odds) + (1/combined odds) -1

For example (1/3.41)+(1/2.37)+(1/3.19)-1=0.027(2.7%)

You can know that the profit margin of this platform is 2.7%


5.Compare the profitability of each platform

To put it simply,

the higher the interest rate of the platform, the better the profit of the bookmaker,

so it is more unfavorable for the players.

Conversely, the lower the platform profit, the more beneficial for players.


6.Calculate the return rate

The return rate is the bonus that is paid back to the player in proportion

A higher return rate means a higher chance of getting a bonus

The calculation formula:

(host* guest*sum)/(host* guest+ guest*sum+host*sum)


7.Probability of winning

After calculating the return rate, you can know the probability of the main win, away win, and tie win in this game

Probability of main win = return rate / main odds

Probability of away win= return rate / customer odds

Probability of tie win= return rate/sum odds


For Dummies💡

Ok I know some people are almost asleep when they seeing here

In fact, the odds x the money you bet is the amount you will get

So if I bet 100 dollars and the odds is 2.37, I will get 237 dollars if I win

So it should be easy to understand

The team with the lower odds is the party that the platform thinks is most likely to win


8.Abandon the wrong betting method

The core of betting is to control risks and stabilize profits

Many ways to lose are the bettors’ untiring attempts without noticing

1.Blindly double

Double bet is a method of betting

Increase your bet when you are losing, and decrease your bet when you are profitable

For more information about Double Investment, you can read this

This method is most commonly used in real casinos

Usually in a casino, the dealer will have a slight advantage

If there are guests who use the double projection method

No matter how big the original loss is, it may come back in one fell swoop

But double casting is a short-term betting method

If you bet too much money for a long time, a crash will inevitably occur


2.Choose the stong team and bet them together

You may have picked several games with a big gap between the strong and the weak, bet on strong team.

String them together to make the odds bigger.

However, from the perspective of the return rate, the overall return of the four low odds cross-check may be less than 70%.

Long-term betting will have a great disadvantage.




The above are the lottery skills for everyone this time (about football)

It is really important do your homework before placing a bet!

Analyze past results and track the real-time status of the team.

There will be various betting strategies on the Internet,

remember to analyze rationally, calculate the odds and rate of return before placing bets.

Don’t follow blindly.

The most important thing is to set the bottom line

Never borrow to bet

I wish you all become geniuses of sport bet

Either you are winning or on the road to winning



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