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Learn about the big battle in 5 minutes , and win your prize!

I believe you guys are no strangers to baccarat

If you are unfamiliar and want to know more, you can also read this first

The big battle is a variant of Baccarat

He is also easy to learn

Pure betting game

The gameplay is actually similar to Baccarat

The game uses 8 decks of playing cards

The difference is that you only need to play a card to determine whether you win or lose.

Actually from the its name (The big battle)

It can be seen that it’s a comparing game

Although it sounds simple

But in fact, there are still many details that can be discussed

Five minutes to learn how to win money

Let’s take a look!


RULE of the big battle🐲🐯

A poker game that directly uses the size of the card to determine winning or losing

Regardless of suits, only look points

The point from big to small is K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

K is the biggest, A is the smallest

8 decks of playing cards can be used throughout the game

Players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, and tie

You can also bet on colors (Dragon Red, Dragon Black/Tiger Red, Tiger Black)

Betting on odd and even numbers (dragon odd, dragon even/tiger odd, tiger even)

There are a total of 11 betting options


Before the dealer deals the cards, players need to place a bet

After the bet is completed, the croupier will only send two cards

One for each of Dragon and Tiger

Send the position of the dragon first, and then the position of the tiger

In the end the two sides compare big and small, the bigger one wins

If the two points are the same, it is a tie


About playtable💸

In the game, if you draw a dragon or a tiger

The dealer does not charge commission

But if the result is a tie, the dealer will charge a 50% commission

The other odds are as follows:

  • Dragon: The winner is 1 to 1, and half of the bet amount is lost when the draw is opened.
    Tiger: The winner is 1 to 1, and half of the bet amount is lost when the draw is opened.
    Draw: The winner is 1 to 8.
    Dragon Odd: the winning side is the odd number of cards and Dragon> Tiger, the odds are 1:0.75.
    Dragon Even: The winning side is double and Dragon> Tiger, the odds are 1:1.05.
    Tiger Odd: The winner is Odds and Tiger>Dragon, the odds are 1:0.75.
    Tiger Even: The winner is a double with Tiger>Dragon, and the odds are 1:1.05.
    Dragon Red: The winner is the card with hearts or diamonds and dragon, the odds are 1:0.9.
    Dragon Black: The winning side is a club or spade with a dragon, and the odds are 1:1.9.
    Tiger Red: The winner is the card with hearts or diamonds and Tiger, the odds are 1:0.9.
    Tiger Black: The winning side is the card with clubs or spades and the tiger, the odds are 1:1.9.


Our recommend✨

You can pay attention to the odds before placing a bet

It can help you allocate the amount and options, which is very important

Our most recommended method is bet neihter odd and even, nor on red and black, and never bet on tie,

just bet on Dragon /Tiger

In terms of probability, this is the most beneficial choice for players





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