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Tony Bloom - make a billion relying on gd lotto prediction sports lottery (part 1) - 4Dtoday
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Tony Bloom – make a billion relying on gd lotto prediction sports lottery (part 1)

Although there is a saying that learning to invest is not as good as learning to reincarnate
But since we all have no choice

We can still refer to the methods of successful people
See how he ordered his life talent tree like this


Gd lotto prediction


Tony Bloom was born in the south of England,a small town called Sussex
Yes, which is Prince Harry’s territory
Although his position in the royal family seems a bit precarious
But at least he hasn’t triggered the British curse — hair loss

Okay back to the topic
Anyway, our little Tony
He has shown his Jewish talents in mathematics and business since he was a child
He already played slot machines at the amusement park trying to make money then
Think I might still play in the park when I was 8 years old

That hobby stayed with him until he was a teenager
When he was 15 years old, he came into contact with Sports Lottery by chance
The excitement of gambling opened the door to his new world
He put all his energy on gd lotto prediction
Yes, but at this time he was only 15 years old
Haven’t reached the age to legally gamble
In order to be free to enter the casino to place bets, he used his relationship to get a fake certificate on the black market.
It doesn’t matter if it matters
He figured out this at a young age, no wonder he will succeed


The turning point of life

After graduating from high school
He was admitted to the Department of Mathematics at Manchester University
And he suddenly realized how rash and stupid his previous gameplay was
Because there is no strategy at all
It’s just a guess at random by pure luck
So he set out to construct a set of lottery analysis system

He worked as an accountant for two and a half years After graduated to accumulate his gambling funds
After sufficient funds in 1993
He began to test the lottery analysis system he built and achieved unprecedented success
Through the sports lottery
He successfully made a profit of 20,000 pounds
That moment, celestial sensing
The universe is shaking
Tony bloom immediately quit his job as an accountant
embark on the road of professional gamblers

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