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NBA Betting Tips - 4Dtoday
Sports Betting

NBA Betting Tips

A kind of NBA Betting handicap is in full swing.

Among those, the NBA’s Betting handicap wins and losses and large and small points are the most popular among players.

In addition, the difference in winning points is due to a single game solid prize + high SP%,

the SP% being the total betting amount in this field/a certain option betting funds.


More and more fans are getting involved. In this article,

I will introduce some betting techniques and four details of NBA big and small points,

handicap wins and losses, and win points difference.


Bets on the NBA


Small and big points: Can play without knowing basketball

NBA size points are very popular in sports betting. This is the easiest way to play;
all you need to do is guess the dimensions and the hit rate is up to 50%.
But if you want to play well, you have to pay attention to some factors, such as the team’s play style,
home and away factors, and so forth.
The preset scores issued by the platform sometimes differ slightly from the preset scores of overseas websites.
Players can utilize this difference to find shortcuts for betting.

Betting instructions: big and small points, do not trust the shooter’s team

Many lottery fans mistakenly believe that the shooter teams are easier to score big points,
but based on the history of the teams, the likelihood of running and bombing teams to hit big points is very low.
Because the handicap trends for the shooter team are relatively high,
it will be difficult t the specifics of theso hit a big score.
You should pay attention toe handicap trends in the basketball game.
In our example of the Phoenix Suns,
we see how the lottery agencies often assign the Suns 220 points or more.
As long as the Suns experience a scoring shortage for a period of time in the middle of the game, it is difficult to score big points.
When the preset total score is large,
the difficulty of scoring large points increases a lot,
because the shooting feel is difficult to guarantee, and the current NBA games are giving more and more attention to defense,
making a big score is nearly impossible.

The Handicap

Betting is to predict the outcome of a match between two teams.

The strong team balances the strength of the two teams by passing points to the weak team, at the same time as increasing the fun of the quiz.

This gameplay may be viewed in another way.
By handicap, the fixed bonus distribution of the two teams is in fact balanced.
Betting on the strong team in the “Handicap Game” is better than betting on the winning team.
The fixed bonus for the same side will be higher; on the contrary, the relatively unpopular side will lose the fixed bonus.
The grasp of the entire game lies in the study of the preset handicap score.

The distance of the scores

The rate of return is high if the difficulty is high.

Winning a prize with difficulty sometimes requires a degree of luck, so the rate of return is relatively high.


In the field of internet experts,

the distance of the scores by 6-10 points is the least likely to happen,

because if the game is stalemate,

it is more likely to win 1-5 points if the strength is clear.

The score difference is usually between 11-15, and sometimes even greater.


The 3 things you need to know about NBA betting


  1. Preset scores may change

    Whenever there is a big difference in strength between two teams, a handicap method can be used in order to balance the strengths. This is similar to the handicap system in football, but the difference is that in the basketball game the score can be changed.
    In single game betting, the preset total score will always remain unchanged, while during the sales process, the preset total score will be adjusted according to the bet amount and other relevant factors.

    The total score corresponding to a particular game obtained by the player at the point when completing a valid bet is the criterion for awarding the bet as a win.

  2. Overtime is included in NBA game results

    A soccer match provides a prediction only after 90 minutes; overtime does not affect it.
    Even if the two teams go into multiple overtimes, they still need to wait for final scores.
    NBA games and NBA betting results are released by both parties. In the final game,
    the prediction will be based on the final whistle score.
  3. Parley can win a guaranteed bonusThe basic betting forms for NBA games are single and Parley.
    The single game betting method allows fans to choose a game among all those scheduled, and the bonus obtained by betting in this way is a floating bonus.
    The feature of floating bonus in this case is that as long as you win the bonus, you can distribute it evenly.

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