online casino – 3win2u review

Web interface

Describe this online casino website in one sentence

is kind of your mom who mixed the miso soup made yesterday with today’s broth and throwing in yam

Yes it’s a hodgepodge

Color matching that blends Christmas and New Year atmosphere

It seems that I can hear their boss’s request for the design of this online casino website

add all the sparkle and special effects  and then triple them

The site even have some kind of small flash animation that was very popular 10 years ago

A pile of footballs or snowflakes floating on the screen

Then whole slow down your loading speed 🙂

Although aesthetics is very subjective

But after watching it for a long time, it’s a bit visually tired



First divided into three regions

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

Subdivide languages ​​for each region

Like in Malaysia, there are Chinese, English, Malay three options



Rich variety of games

Including slot machines, roulette, online poker, horse racing, bingo, baccarat

What’s more special is the live broadcast platform (youtube, twitch)

Draw with 4D (There are two platforms ,PSBet and GD lottery you can bet on it)

It’s basically a place that has everything

Nothing to be picky



Currently there is a 100% discount for the first deposit bonus for new players

Minimum deposit limit of MYR 30

Turnover 25 times calculation

So if you vote for 30, you will get a bonus of 30

And the turnover requirement will be (30+30) x 25 =1500

But there are more restrictions, and the dividends you get cannot be used to bet on specific 5 or 6 platforms

Yes,is 5 or 6 platforms, not 1, 2 platforms lol

But the slot machine itself has a first deposit discount for new players

So in a way, there is compensation

Deposit and withdrawal

Speaking of this

There is actually no dedicated section on his website that specifically talks about deposits and withdrawals

Hmmm, how come there is no any describtion???

I really searched for a long time and still didn’t find it

Relevant information can only be found at the bottom of the homepage

Provide online bank or ATM deposit, local bank withdrawal

For more detailed information, I think it might be to ask customer service



The content of 3win2u is just like his website design

A hodgepodge style

Show you all they have but not to unified

It would be nice if the layout were designed more concisely

Here you can find probably any kind of game you want to play

But bank information must be clearly written!!

Is it reasonable not to find such an important thing?😂

When looking at the comments on 3win2u on other websites

It is mentioned that there is a winning limit in 3win2u

And it itself belongs to a relatively small online casino

So the speed of withdrawal and whether it will be withdrawn normally

We still have questions about this

If your primary goal is to win the big prizes

I would not recommend this casino too much

Comprehensive evaluation: 3.8★

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