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online casino malaysia - 3win2u vs 9king - 4Dtoday
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online casino malaysia – 3win2u vs 9king


Let’s start with the website interface There is a kind of your mom who mixed the miso soup made yesterday with today’s broth.
The concept of throwing in yam again
Yes it’s a hodgepodge Color matching that blends Christmas and New Year atmosphere
It seems that I can hear their boss’s request for the design of this website

The special effects are so full,

the red is full of joy Put me a little bit of all the lively elements

He even added maybe the kind of small flash animation that was very popular 10 years ago

A pile of footballs floating on the screen And slow down your loading speed

Although aesthetics is very subjective But after watching it for a long time, it’s a bit visually tired hahah

There are quite a few options in the game Live entertainment, horse racing, sports betting,

slot machines, etc. You think he should appear in the entertainment city

So there is nothing to be picky about this part

Of course, it would be better if it didn’t take me 1 minute to open a pag

Activities are okay There is a bonus of 100% for the first deposit

Turnover is 25 times the calculation

The minimum limit is 30 MYR So you get 30 if you cast 30 60*25=1500 (flow requirements)

But there are more restrictions, and the dividends you get cannot be used to bet on specific 5 or 6 platforms

Compared with 9king, this part is slightly inferior

  • Website interface: 2.5★
  • Loading speed: 3★
  • Activity discount: 3★
  • Number of games: 4★
  • Comprehensive evaluation: 3.2★


The website interface is pretty neat

The function bar on the left can quickly find the information you want

Support Chinese/English

Although there is a lot of content, it is related to classification

So I don’t think the picture is messy

Special mention here is that he has an intimate record function

Allows you to track betting history, bonus records, etc.

Accurately see the results you have won

The gaming aspect should be the main strength of this website

The slot machine alone supports 15 different platforms

Well-known platforms like playtech

There are hundreds of games

Free bonus

It’s pretty generous in terms of activities

There are discounts for first deposit, regular rebate, and limited halls

Take the most common first deposit discount

At present, there is a discount of 30RM for the first deposit and 50RM for free

That is, 800RM can be withdrawn

This is really a very favorable event in various casinos.

Maybe because it’s a relatively new platform

I think the overall plan is quite perfect

The welfare is also very adequate

  • Website interface: 4.5★
  • Loading speed: 4.2★
  • Activity discount: 4.5★
  • Number of games: 4.8★
  • Comprehensive evaluation: 4.5★

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