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Play Baccarat Like a Master (part 1) - 4Dtoday

Play Baccarat Like a Master (part 1)

Last time we mentioned the importance of watching the road in play baccarat

If you haven’t seen it , you can click this first↓

Practical skills for novices to play baccarat

So you are no stranger to seeing the road

Today we are going to enter the more advanced called “Lower Three Roads”

As the saying goes, understand the lower three roads and move towards the road to wealth

So you guys sit tight and let’s get started!


Lower Three Roads

The so-called lower three roads actually include three types of roads

They are Big Eye Road, Small Road, Cockroach Road

These three are all derived from the main road and are used to describe the laws in the road

They are not telling you exactly what happened, but telling you whether there is a pattern to what is happening

They are also composed of red and blue markers

The big eye road uses a hollow circle, the small road uses a solid circle, and the cockroach road uses a slash to indicate

Usually these markers will only occupy half the height and width of the grid

So a column of 3 grids can place 6 markers



The red and blue marks on lower three roads have nothing to do with banker and player

Usually, red generally means “there is a road”, which means that it conforms to the rules.

Blue means that the game is disorganized and has no rules to follow.


Where the record starts

Big Eye Road: The second lap of the second column of the Big Road begins

Small Road: The second lap of the third column of the main road begins

Cockroach Road: Second lap of Continental’s fourth column begins


Marking Rules

Since the red and blue of lower three roads do not correspond to banker/player, it is more complicated

It can be confusing for newbies

Therefore, we will also use the following diagrams to make it easier for you to understand


●Big Eye Road

There are two cases of the rules of the big eye road

Divided into “road head”/”road sign”

The road head refers to the first lap from each column on the main road

Anything other than the first circle at the beginning of each column is called a road sign

The rule of the road sign is easier, so let’s start with it

There are three possibilities for road signs: “Connected”, “One lounge, two bedrooms”, “Long banker/player”

When recording the big eye road, it doesn’t matter whether the circle mark is a red or blue

Therefore,we use black in the figure, which is convenient for explanation.


On the main road, the grid to the left of the road sign is full, which is called “connected”, which means that the road sign is connected to the grid on the left. The 2nd and 3rd circles in the sixth column in the picture. If the road sign is continuous, the big eye road is marked in red.

One lounge, two bedrooms 

On the main road, the grid to the left of the road sign is empty, but the grid above this blank grid is full, that is to say, this road sign makes this column exactly one circle more than the previous one. It is called “one lounge two bedrooms“. Like the 4th circle in the sixth column in the picture. If the road sign is one hall and two bedrooms, the Big Eye Road is marked in blue.

Long banker/player

The grid to the left of the road sign on the road is empty, and the grid above this blank grid is also empty. This means that the current column is at least two more circles than the previous column. This is called long banker/player, and the point is that it is longer. Like the 5th and 6th circles in the sixth column of Figure. If the road sign is long banker/player, the big eye road is marked in red.





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