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Play Baccarat Like a Master (part 2) - 4Dtoday

Play Baccarat Like a Master (part 2)

Finally, we come to the end

For those who haven’t read the last part, remember to check this first👇

Baccarat|Teach you to understand the next three ways in seconds (Part 1)

After understanding the red and blue marking rules of “road signs”, it is not so difficult to learn the rules of “road head”


●Big eye road

The rules for road head are

Assuming that in (1) a column continues on the main road

(2) Mark the color that should have been marked on the big eye road with the opposite color

That might be a little hard to understand

We use the diagram to illustrate directly

The first lap of the sixth column on the main road is “road head”

Assuming it continues in the previous column, it will be “connected”

It was supposed to be marked red on the Big Eye Road, so we marked it blue


The first lap of the sixth column on the main road is “road head”

Suppose it is “one lounge , two bedrooms” when the previous column continues

We should have marked blue on Big Eye Road, so we marked  it red


In the picture, the first circle in the sixth column on the main road is the “road head”

Suppose it is “long banker/player” if the previous column continues

We should have marked red on Big eye Road, so we marked it blue


●Small road & Cockroach road

Assuming you have no problem with the notation of Big eye road

In fact, you have already mastered the rules of the small road and the cockroach road.

They have only one fundamental difference

The big eye road is compared with a column on the main road

The small road is compared every other column (above)

The cockroach road is separated by two columns

Because the big eye road has to start from the second circle of the second column to have a contrasting column

So on ,the trail will start from the 2nd lap of the 3rd column (if not, it will be delayed to the 1st lap of the 4th column)

The cockroach road starts at the 2nd circle in the 4th column (if not, it will be postponed to the 1st circle in the 5th column)

Now you can see this main road map

Try to draw the next three ways by yourself

Then see if the red and blue markers are the same as ours

If the same, then congratulations

You have successfully learned the next three ways !



Now the epidemic is more serious

So try not to go out to crowded places ,protecting yourself and others

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Online play baccarat is fast paced , it can be a little stressful for newbies

However , it’s also a great opportunity to hone your experience

If you want to win money in baccarat, you must rely on some tips

Today’s talk is only a part of the many techniques

But when you have a correct concept first,

I believe it will help your winning rate to a certain extent.

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