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Sport betting ,how and when to bet? - 4Dtoday
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Sport betting ,how and when to bet?

Everyone likes to bet differently

Some people like to bet in the beginning

Some people like to measure the direction of the wind and let the bullet fly for a while

See the odds change before deciding Sport betting

What impact does the time of betting have on winning or losing Sport betting?

This article will answer all your doubts



Betting time-early

The initial market is the first one opened at the beginning

Usually, the odds of popular teams will be lower as soon as they are opened.

However, there will be certain changes in the odds level at the end of the game.

In the middle will change due to some uncertain factors

So if you bet at the beginning

It is bound to have a certain degree of familiarity with the two teams

Including whether any player has been injured recently, the starting lineup,training before the game.

Even the weather on the day of the game, etc.

These are all factors that will affect the final result

So although betting at the beginning is the easiest and most direct way

But at the same time it is also one of the biggest changes


Betting time-rolling

Usually casinos are very repellent to players who specialize in playing rolling.

In some smaller entertainment cities, some of them will lock your account directly for risk control reasons

Because there are indeed attack orders that specifically against the entertainment city in this way

To avoid this situation, here are some of our suggestions

1. Don’t place all orders while rolling

2. Can be used to recover lost matches

3. Don’t chase too much, it will lose control


The reason why bet while rolling makes you feel good

It’s because the dealer will increase the chance of passing,

create hopes that are likely to win.

Players will be trapped because of these lures.

People who are not familiar with this will be hooked for it

Maybe the game was originally won ,

in order to chase the great benefit,  lost a terrible defeat eventually.


Odds changes

How do you know if it’s a bait?

It is recommended that when looking at the handicap, you can judge by combining the big and small balls

If the water level continues to rise

But the big and small balls did not move at all to retreat

Usually there is a high chance of bait

When considering placing a bet, you might as well calculate the winning percentage of the two teams first

Because the dealer will definitely consider more points than you

Assuming there are teams A and B, the odds are 0.76 and 1.18 respectively

A’s winning rate algorithm is 0.76×2=1.52


So the dealer predicts that Team A’s winning rate is 65%

Team B’s winning percentage is 1.18×2=2.36


The winning percentage of team B is 42%

You must think that 65%+42% is more than 100%

Yes, so the extra 7% is the money from the dealer

Using data to analyze the situation of the two teams can definitely help you make better judgments



Actually betting on luck, is to bet against the dealer in an unfair position

How can I buy it to win back?

First of all, it is not recommended to play games with low odds

You can’t win much, and you lose all your principal when your prediction failed

Let the bet be a profitable thing, you need to be prepared for a long-term war of resistance

And do your homework in advance, you can study a kind of league first

Don’t be too greedy, want to bet on any game.






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