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Sports Betting

Sports Betting toto 4d

What is the initial offer?

The definition of the first game of football is very simple and straightforward. The initial European payouts issued by the football lottery agency,


Football lottery Europax opening times usually start very early in mainstream leagues.

sports toto 4d, the opening times of mainstream leagues such as the Premier League and Serie A usually range from one week to half a month before the start of the game.

In fact, lottery buyers mostly concentrate on the day of the game,

so what is the reason for the early opening of the agency?


One of the main reasons is to demonstrate the company’s strength and occupy more market share.

The early opening of the initial market also indirectly shows that the organization’s understanding and cognition of the game is indeed unique,

and it also allows lottery fans to play football sports toto 4d.

There is a clearer reference direction when placing bets.


Through long-term observation, we can find that there will be a certain fluctuation in the European compensation combination in the first game of football,

and it will be controlled around the opening game, and it will rarely be too far away from the opening position (in some cases,

there may also be huge changes after the opening game. , But it’s a rare case).

Therefore, it can be said that the initial bid of the institution is not random, but a comprehensive assessment of the basic strength,

popularity and real-time information of the two sides of the competition, and the ability of real-time European odds is obtained, and the “initial bid” is opened.


For Example

if there is a competition of ex: 5 rounds this week,

the first set will be played after the end of the third round and before the start of the fourth round.

The fundamentals and popularity of this preliminary round are the situation after the end of the third round.

The results of the fourth round of the game will change the popularity of some teams,

and the position at the beginning of the game may no longer be suitable.


Therefore, the initial set of the organization will often reserve space for its future changes. To sum up,

the preliminary game reflects the organization’s immediate fundamentals and the expected judgments of future game trends.

Although the position of the first game of football can reflect the organization’s positioning of the strength of both sides of the game to a certain extent,

it is also ambiguous and vague.

This can be verified on the fact that the initial return rate is generally lower than the final return rate.


What is the Handicap?

As mentioned above, if the popularity of the two balls changes after the initial set, the initial set position is no longer suitable,

and the football lottery company needs to adjust the control plate at this time.


The closer the game is, the more information the organization has on the fundamentals of the game,

and this kind of lottery game method makes the lottery’s guessing also tend to the peak. At this time,

the organization will control the game in a direction that is obviously beneficial to itself.


The traces of the control plate become more obvious as the game starts.

And this is also a typical loophole in the control board of the institution,

we can cut into it to judge whether the control method of the institution is reasonable.


make judgments

Of course, loopholes in this kind of control panel are often not obvious,

and institutions will not honestly show us their true intentions, and we need to accumulate experience to make judgments.


In some competitions, the shock of the European compensation will continue until the beginning of the game,

and the level of the European compensation in individual matches will have a large change in the first minute of the game.


Imagine that most lottery guessing games will be advanced for a while, and there are very few cases of on-site guessing.

Therefore, This kind of on-the-spot change will not have much impact on the overall distribution of the game’s chips.

This kind of control won’t affect future players on the site.

After all, the situation has not yet started.

I personally think it is the organization’s induction of post-match repeaters.

In our review and summary, most of the situations only look at the positions of the beginning and end of football,

but rarely observe the opening time.


Institutions use our characteristics to interfere with our review summary.

By analyzing the logic of this, we can find that the organization’s control over the peak period of the game quiz can better reflect its true intentions.

Analysis and conclusion

After understanding the football game, some friends here should have the answers to the questions discussed in this article.

When watching the game,

you should watch the football finals, but the editor tells you that if you abandon the initial game,

just watch the football finals. Positioning is not a good choice.


Many match results show that the final position is changed based on the initial position, and the correlation between them is very strong.

We analyze the level of the final level when we solve the game, and we must interpret it based on the initial position.

If you just look at the initial game, then abandon the subsequent fundamentals and changes in popularity,

which is tantamount to caring for a sword.

If you look at the final game alone, the organization’s overall control strategy cannot be figured out,

and most lottery players are not solid in their basic skills.

The ability to measure is not a deep understanding, just looking at the final game is easy to be led by the organization,

and then into the misunderstanding of subjective judgment of the result.


Therefore, for the interpretation of a game, we should compare the final set and the initial set.

Most preliminary games can reflect the organization’s general positioning of the game to a certain extent,

and the final game of football can be analyzed on the basis of the rationality of the control board,

and then the real intention of the organization can be judged and the result of the game can be selected.

Of course, we also need to strengthen our understanding of the team’s popularity and inventory capacity to avoid being led by the organization.

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