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Tony Bloom – make a billion relying on gd lotto prediction sports lottery (part 2) - 4Dtoday
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Tony Bloom – make a billion relying on gd lotto prediction sports lottery (part 2)

Encounter of fate

Time came to 1977

Tony is already an experienced professional gambler

Through accurate odds analysis plus extraordinary courage

he become a notorious man in a sense

As the saying goes, stands attract each other

Gamblers will also

A man who changed his destiny

Victor Chandler shows up

Victor, who is also a British game veteran, caught him with precision

The two hit it off

It just so happens that Victor wants to expand the game market in Asia

So he asked Tony to be their company’s market analyst with an annual salary of 300,000 pounds.

Tony, who was in Bangkok for the first time, immediately saw the very different Asian Games at that time.

Now it’s  called “obstacle”

At that time this gameplay was still very strange to Europeans

And he was the pioneer in introducing this gameplay

He has a unique vision and love for the Asian Games

and achieved great success soon

7 months after studying handicap analysis in Bangkok

Tony met the 1988 World Cup

Isn’t this the best time to verify his analysis of the Asian Games?


Decisive battle

From the preliminary rounds of the World Football Championships to the battle of the century between France and Brazil

His hit rate has been as high as 80%

Then came the final of fate

At that time, the handicap was leaning towards Brazil.

But according to his own analysis, he believes that the home team’s France will definitely win

He also tried his best to persuade Victor to put all profits on France.

Tony told to Victor that if he want to have the demeanor of the king, it’s time to all in

Only losers will quit while he’s ahead


I think he’s just talk trash lol

Anyway they really made a big bet together



They really anxious before finally starting

72 minutes before the game

Brazil’s main player Ronaldo Ronaldo is not yet on the starting list

When fans and the media all over the world are anxious like ants on a hot pot

Tony just talked to Victor silently, “We have already won.”

As predicted, although Ronaldo showed up in the 40 minutes before the game

But his performance was extremely terrible

In the end, the French team defeated Brazil 3:0

After the game, Ronaldinho said in an interview that after lunch that day

He found himself showing symptoms of epilepsy

And the team immediately did a series of checks for him

The electrocardiogram results showed that his heart was only beating 18 times per minute at that time

In theory, he shouldn’t play football at all.

This also makes people wonder if Tony has any unknown inside information.

Finally,how much money did this gamble actually make?

It’s still a mystery

But according to rumors, the profit was as high as tens of millions of pounds

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