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Tony Bloom – make a billion relying on gd lotto prediction sports lottery (part 3)

Start a business

Time came to 2006

Tony founded a sports game gaming company Star Lizard

The name Lizard comes from his playing style

Cold-blooded and bold

This also became his nickname

This company specializes in making money by betting on football

According to online data, Starlizard is the most profitable gaming group in the UK

Average annual income is about 100 million pounds

He employs a total of 160 data specialists

From the players on the field, recent performance

To the weather conditions, the overall morale of the team, etc.

Digitize it all

Coupled with his self-developed betting strategy system

Open a handicap similar to a bookmaker

Then go to find a more valuable ball bet than your own handicap

For example, Chelsea vs. Manchester United

If you bet on Chelsea at Starlizard and you win, you can earn 1 dollar

You can win 1.1 dollar by betting on 9KING

Tony will choose to bet on 9KING

Because they believe that their market will be the most accurate

Tony Bloom’s business earns nearly 14 million pounds a year from only customers who buy quotes

Amazing benefits

The company will give employees a special golden lottery ticket every year

So that they can bet on their company

When I saw this information, I wanted to say

Wow, this is completely self-produced and sold

Return the salary to the company and replace the trader

People in the city really know how to play

But according to internal staff

Their boss has never let them down

Basically every employee can add about 10,000 pounds in extra income every six months


Notorious gambler,humble and prosperous entrepreneur

This is Tony Bloom

Although he never appeared on any rich list

He is definitely worth more than 1 billion pounds by all indications

“Poker gives you good grounding in lots of areas,

including reading situations and people or making difficult decisions.

Those skills are vital for business and certainly in running a football club.”

he said in an interview.

Despite being a billionaire

Bloom hasn’t changed his behaviour towards his employees

They describe him as a humble man that avoids flexing around in his Ferrari

choosing to live a private life with his family

This story is actually quite inspirational

He combines his own strengths and abilities

Dataization which seems to depend on luck

Minimize uncertainties,and then get paid stably

Turn ideas into actual income

I think everyone who plays lottery can refer to his story

Don’t think about bad luck or anger on match-fixing when you lose money

But you can review the reasons for the failure

Let this failure be the nutrient for your next profit

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