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Toto online betting - 4Dtoday

Toto online betting

Supplier of 4D lottery tickets

Malaysia’s gaming industry is regulated by the government and semi-religious authorities ,

so it is able to provide a legal and safe gaming environment.

Therefore, 4D lottery tickets are booming,

as many as 9 companies have obtained government certification and can legally sell 4D lottery coupons.

The gameplay is very diverse,

the 4 most popular companies are Toto betting, Da Ma Cai Lassia, Magnum 4D and Singapore Pools.


About Toto 4D

Toto 4D lottery betting is a very popular casino game in Malaysia.

Compared with other games, 4D Toto has a high chance of winning.

And the minimum bet amount is only RM1,

the threshold is quite low, painless to get started

So people who are not usually playing will occasionally place bets to try their luck

The degree of popularity can be said to be a national sport in Malaysia

The 4D gameplay is that players must choose a 4-digit number from 0000-9999

Each draw will draw 23 sets of numbers

Respectively represents the first prize, the second prize, the third prize each group, 10 finalist prizes and 10 consolation prizes

Because there are 10,000 sets of numbers to choose from when placing a bet

So it’s also called the ” Wànzì piào ” ,wich means ten thousand words ticket.


Its biggest feature is that you can choose between small and big buying methods when placing a bet.

If you buy small, you must hit one of the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize.

One of the three sets of numbers will be considered a winner.

On the other hand, big one has more chance to win,

hit one of the 23 sets is considered to be a winner, but the odds are relatively lower.

Different betting methods also make 4D Toto more fun.

The draw date of 4D Toto is every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday,

and the cut-off time for betting is before 6pm on the day of the draw



Power Toto 6/55

The gameplay of this way is also very simple.

Choose 6 numbers between 1-55,

It can be personal preference or you can use the computer to select numbers.

The minimum prize for each jackpot is RM 3 million.

And the jackpot has no upper limit!



There was a news a while ago that about a 38-year-old banker in Kuala Lumpur.

Relying on Toto computer to select words successfully won RM 14.4 million.

He said he usually spends RM10 to RM100 betting on Toto on the draw day of the weekend.

Interestingly, on the day he bought the lottery ticket, he originally only planned to spend RM10 on betting.

But he don’t have change, so he gave the clerk RM50 to bet.

At that time, the clerk suggested that he can directly bet on 50 sets of computer lucky number combinations

Therefore, he won huge awards fortunately.

The lucky numbers then were 4, 18, 19, 35, 45 and 49

He said he would use this bonus to pay off all debts including mortgages and start investing

Now Toto can also bet online,

there is a chance to win big prizes without going out!

9king provides a variety of 4D platforms, let’s try your luck right away😉




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