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Victory 996 malaysia online casino introduce - 4Dtoday
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Victory 996 malaysia online casino introduce

Web interface

Okay first impression, I feel that Victory996 is a low-end version of 88gasia😂 online casino

they are really similiar

However I have to say that this page is a little bit old

But I’m really curious whether these materials for the website are all captured from the same place

There may be a “CASINO website dedicated” folder in the cloud of these people to transfer to each other

Even the dealers online casino look alike



This part is quite perfect

You can choose your area

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia

And then subdivide the language

Like Malaysia, it is divided into English, Malay and Chinese



His classification is also pretty subtle

The front is divided into sports, live entertainment, and slot machines.

It’s pretty normal here

But suddenly two platforms, 918 KISS and PUSSY888, came out later

I think these two platforms may be the suggar daddy lol

So they came out independently

You can also preview directly without logging in

and almost all of them have free trial functions



It feels like that there are many activities but also many restrictions

130% bonus for new members

But the turnover limit is 25 times

And cannot bet on 4D and all slot games

I think this part is a bit subtle

Compared to other platforms, like 88gasia, 9king

Just… promotions may not be his advantage

(The Art of Speaking)


Deposit and withdrawal

Provide local bank deposits and online transfers

But I don’t know why the currency used is Singapore Dollar

Other details are not clearly written on the website

You know what is not clearly written is usually a bit tricky (rubbing hands)

When checking other information, I found that Victory 996 seems to have a net win cap

Cannot win more than 300,000 ringgits in a day

Therefore, the score on a certain evaluation network is very low

It believes that setting the upper limit of the winning amount is very unfair to players

I agree with that too

Because it was not restricting me when I invested money

and tell me, “Ah, you voted too much, so the risk is very high, etc.”

This kind of double standards really nuh-nuh (shake finger)

So if you want to try to play on this platform

May need to pay attention to his additional terms



Based on his safety concerns

With some information that is not transparent enough

So this part will be deducted a bit

Plus, the discounts are relatively small

But the overall website is fairly easy to operate

Comprehensive evaluation: 4★

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