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Win 14 lottery jackpots with one formula!(part 2)

After four years of traveling in Europe, Mandel finally settled in Australia

And started his lottery business with a new method

General lotto play are all between a certain number,

For example, a winning number is randomly drawn between 1-50

If the number you choose is exactly the same as the number issued

You can win the lottery jackpots

But Mandel noticed that there are some lotto

If you buy all the combinations , the total amount is much lower than the accumulated lottery jackpots prize


Lotto career

For example, suppose there are 3838380 combinations in a lottery

The accumulated jackpot amount is 10 million U.S. dollars,

and each lottery ticket sells for one dollar

In theory, Mandel can buy every combination of numbers

After deducting taxes, there is still a good profit

Mandel said: “Any student who has completed high school mathematics can calculate the number of combinations.”

However, there are still some challenges need to be overcome in the actual lotto lottery

Like how to raise capital for this investment,

and how to bet with this huge combination without fail

If the number is missing or wrong , many years work went up in smoke

So he developed an automated system to print out the lottery coupons of all numbers

(At that time, it was possible to print the lottery by itself, and then complete the betting at the point of sale)

The computer frees Mandel’s hands

Because in the past, he had to fill in the forms one by one by hand

Then he convened hundreds of investors , establish a fund pool dedicated to buying lottery tickets

Lurking hunter

In the past few years, what Mandel has done the most is to wait

Wait for the amount of the jackpot to exceed the amount required for the package and start the action

Place an order to buy thousands of lottery tickets

Through this method,

He won a total of 12 first prizes in the UK and Australia (and other small prizes of more than US$400,000)

“Everyone says you can’t succeed. Now, the person who said I was daydreaming has shut up.”

He said so when get interviewed


Dilemma and change

But his gameplay has encountered some troubles

First of all, the profit of winning the first prize is actually not as much as expected

For example, he bought 1.3 million jackpots in 1987

After paying taxes and dividends with investors, only 97,000 dollars left in his pocket

And after winning consecutive prizes, he succeeded (or unfortunately) attracted the attention of the government

Although he did not violate any laws, the authorities believe that it is not in the spirit of the game

Finally, Australian law directly changes the regulations

Those who are prohibited from betting can’t print their own lottery tickets,

and it’s forbidden for individuals to buy lotto by “buying packages”

So Mandel had to turn his attention to other goals

This decision was later published in international headlines

and became the nightmare of lottery company executives all over the world







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