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Win 14 lottery jackpots with one formula!(part 3)

Battle of Virginia

After the Australian authorities changed the law

Mandel sets his sights on the North American market

He used his lottery proceeds to start arranging his “informants” in North America

The locked range includes lotteries in Montreal, Boston, Miami, Phoenix, Norfolk and other places

and compiled a list with the total lottery jackpots exceeding three times the purchase amount of the “full set” number combination

Finally he aimed at Virginia

The good thing about Virginia lotto is that it is a relatively new lottery

which allow people to buy unlimited quantities and print at home

But the most important thing is that it has less number combinations

All combinations are “only” 70,590,052 kinds

In some lotteries, 6 out of 54 numbers are selected, with as many as 25 million combinations

So it couldn’t be better for Mandel’s strategy


Mandel founded a company

He persuaded 2524 investors, each of whom invested at least US$3,000

The successful experience in the past helped him to raise funds quite smoothly, and eventually raised more than 9 million U.S. dollars

And in a warehouse in Melbourne

He hired 16 full-time employees to print these 7 million copies lottery coupons containing all number combinations

The whole process took three full months

After that, he gave the ton of lottery tickets to his contact person in the United States

After the lottery tickets arrived in Virginia, Mandel began to wait for the accumulation of the lottery jackpots prize

Until his amount can reach a reasonable profit after withholding taxes, costs and investor share

By February 12, 1992, Virginia’s first prize came to 27 million US dollars

His local team received a simple instruction:



However , the real challenge can be said to really start now

The lottery ticket can be printed first, but it must be taken to the betting shop to pay

You can’t just bring more than seven million lottery coupons and a truckload of cash to the gas station or store and say you want to buy

So Mandel hired an accounting company

transfer 7.1 million to a bank’s investment fund, and then withdraw it by cash check in units of 10,000 US dollars

Then he needs a local contact person to help him perform follow-up ground operations

This heavy responsibility fell on his reliable assistant-Alex


Big crisis

Alex’s task is not easy

He is responsible for coordinating and directing payment and verification at food wholesale and retail points

count over 7 million receipts

The lottery accumulated to 270 million US dollars on Wednesday, and the draw is on Saturday

For the rest, they only have 72 hours to complete the task

Alex summoned 35 “messengers”, they were all certified public accountants

Give them 10,000 lottery tickets and a stack of 10,000 dollars in plastic packaging

For two consecutive days, the messenger began to buy lottery tickets one by one at 125 gas stations and supermarkets.

You can see lots of clerks with a confused face in the local store handling these huge lottery tickets

This is a crucial saturday night

In theory, it should be the end of the project

However, disaster happened

A supermarket bought too many lottery tickets and couldn’t cope with it, so gave up the transaction at the last minute.

this allows millions of digital combinations to slip off the network

When the deadline for buying lottery tickets came, only 5.5 million (78%) of Mandel’s 700,000-plus lottery tickets were purchased

The foolproof strategy is now in crisis

At this moment, they are exactly in the same situation as other lottery fans

They must rely on luck

This plan instantly turned into a huge gamble of tens of millions of dollars

In the history of lottery in the United States, there is no shortage of players who have covered cards but ended in failure

Even if Mandel really wins

It is still possible that other co-winners will appear and share the bonus












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