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Win 14 lottery jackpots with one formula!(part 4) - 4Dtoday
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Win 14 lottery jackpots with one formula!(part 4)

Surprise and fright

At 11:20 pm on February 15th, the lotto number was broadcast live on TV

In a warehouse, Alex and his team searched frantically among 5.5 million coupon receipts

they hope they can find the ticket of hope lottery jackpots

Soon after, there was a burst of cheers

They did it !They won the prize lottery jackpots!

“When we found the 27 million jackpot prize ticket, everyone turned it over with joy. This is the most incredible thing in the world!”

Alex said so

The winning lottery ticket was completed in a Chesapeake supermarket at the last moment before the draw

The jackpot prize of US$27,036,142 plus other additional prizes of US$900,000,

will pay 1.03 million U.S. dollars annually in 20-year installments

This dramatic emergency seems to be about to end smoothly

However, Virginia’s lottery authorities apparently disagree



Ken Thorson, director of Virginia Lotto, stated to the media:

“We should bear in mind Thomas Jefferson’s view of the lottery: it is an opportunity for ordinary people to spend a small amount of money and win the jackpot. We never thought that a group would try to make such a large-scale purchase.”

Mandel was forced to start a four-year judicial battle

He himself has received investigations from 14 international organizations,

including the CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the International Criminal Organization, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

In the end, none of these institutions could find illegal evidence from Mandel

Instead, it gave him a legendary and heroic status in his hometown of Australia

In a famous cartoon, he was drawn as a kangaroo jumping out of the United States

The pocket is full of banknotes, rebellious and triumphant


Follow-up of the story

Mandel tried to run a life insurance company later,

and founding a lottery company in British Gibraltar, but they all ended in failure

Then he declared bankruptcy in 1995.

In the following ten years, he was involved in multiple investment frauds, one of which put him in jail in Israel for 20 months.

Nowaday, Mandel lives in seclusion on a small island near Australia

But his legendary deeds never faded away, and profoundly influenced American law

The 44 states that legally operate lottery tickets in the U.S. have directly enacted legislation,

to avoid someone copying Mandel’s practices in the past.

This also makes Mandel become the first and the last person to beat the lottery company by buying all the combinations.


In fact, Mandel’s final approach has nothing to do with the magic formula.

We still don’t know how the digital selection method played a role in the whole incident.

You might think, who can’t pack a card

But the risk behind it is definitely greater than you think

The first is that it is difficult to buy all the lottery tickets

The second is that others may also win the prize evenly

The third is that it is difficult to guarantee that no one will adopt the same strategy

Life has never been so simple that you can use the “universal formula” to change your destiny

Madel is just a calculated investor

Just like his views on gambling and adventure

“Shaving is also a lottery: the possibility of me cutting myself, getting infected, and then dying is always there, but I still shave.”

“The point is, in terms of probability, the winning side is on my side.”

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